What’s the best way to get to the Event?

111 Paseo de Roxas is located right across from Greenbelt 3 in Makati. There are many ways to travel to Greenbelt, the P2P buses being the newest. BlockchainSpace/Acceler8 coworking space is in the UB of the building (one flight of stairs down from G).

Do I need to bring money or food?

All food is provided for! We intend to pamper you with enough dishes to keep you coding/plotting.

This is a non-stop 35-hour event, what does that mean practically?

The venue is open from saturday morning until sunday closing. You can code all night long, or take a nap. You can also take a break nearby and come back in the morning, up to you!

I don’t have a team but want to join

No problem! If you come in early on saturday morning, there is plenty of opportunity to form a new team with others, or to join an existing team. Be sure to check out our Slack channel too!


Are there prizes?

  • First prize: PHP 34,000 + 2 months Acceler8 + $50 worth of RakutenApi credits
  • Second prize: PHP 22,000 + 1 month Acceler8 + $30 of RakutenApi credits
  • Third prize: PHP 12,000 + 1 month Acceler8 + $20 of RakutenApi credits
  • Accenture’s Choice Award (judged on Innovativeness, Adaptability and Scalability): Samsung J7 for each member of winning team.
  • Special prize: Best usage of RakutenApi : $250 of RakutenApi credits

Can I change teams, merge teams during the hackathon?

Yes, we understand that you learn and change perspective during the event. Changing/merging is accepted.

What output is expected for judging?

Imagine the judging as an episode of Shark Tank. We’ll look at the Technical and Business side, on the levels of Innovativeness, Commercial Viability. Since Blockchain is so new, we generally don’t expect a finished product or MVP. Just convince us it’s possible. It’s okay to have no code prototype, but then a wireframe or spec documents are necessary. Of course the project needs (prepare) to use blockchain.

Pitch Deck: see link template Pitch Deck Examples: To be uploaded in Slack group Prototype: This can be any of the ff (preferably functioning and demoable but its ok if its’ not): smart contract, technical diagrams/architecture, UI prototype/mockup, user journey

What if I have no experience and confidence with Blockchain or Startups at all?

Assuming you do want to get into the game now, DISH2018 is the perfect moment to start! There are mentors, technical introductions and plenty of likeminded people. If you don’t win, at least you learn a lot! And if you didnt learn, you probably made new friends :-)

Which technologies will you support?

We focus on EOS and Ethereum tech stacks since we have experts in those fields during the event. But if you want to use another platform, go ahead! We will also have the TagCash, SCI and Rakuten platforms/APIs and their mentors/founders present