Preliminary program

Saturday Coding track Biz Track
7:00 Start  
8:00 Blockchain 101 + Crash courses: Intro to smart contract platforms  
9:00 Tech stack overview: Recommended tech stacks per dApp categories (social media, games, etc),sample use cases, sample projects Enterprise workshop
10:00 Breakout rooms per smart contract platform/api/sdk service (Ethereum: Consensys, EOS: EOSPH, SCI) Design workshop (con’t)
12:00 Lunch, Register teams (for remaining unassigned), Assign to code mentors (for remaining unassigned) LunchRegister teams (for remaining unassigned),Assign to biz mentors (for remaining unassigned)
13:00 Code away, consult w coding mentors online Business Plan Coaching
18:00 End of general program End of general program
Sunday Coding track Biz Track
7:00 Resume coding + biz dev mentoring Resume coding + biz dev mentoring
9:00 - 12:00 Continue coding + biz dev mentoring Blockchain for Finance Panel Discussion
15:00 Judging Judging
18:00 awarding, end program awarding, end program